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The NIGCs Strategic Objectives

The NIGC major objectives can be surveyed in two different sections: national and international.

In both sectors, the main principle is customer satisfaction and maximum productivity achievement.

In line with this and based on the outlook document (2020 horizon), the NIGC aims at ranking the third among natural gas producers in the world to achieve 8 to 10 percent of the global gas trade share. The second objective of the NIGC is ranking the first in the region in terms of gas technology.

Plans and policies of the NIGC in international level and ranking the third in the world and achieving a share of10 percent of natural gas trade in the world are as follows:

1-  Processing about 1200 MCM per day of natural gas

2-  Enhancing natural gas share in the energy basket of the country by 70 percent, through substituting liquid oil products for natural gas

3- Increasing natural gas export to regional and international markets through pipelines and other methods

4- Attracting foreign investment through capital markets and/or joint projects

5- Moving towards economic and commercial based vision and improving structures to maximize profitability and competition in international markets

6- Maximization of the added value through using gas in energy consuming industries and/or establishment of industries like GTL and CNG

7-Improving private sector"s position in downstream and gas distribution sections

8- Cooperation with the neighboring countries in the region in production , transmission and diversification of gas trade opportunities. 

9- improving natural gas infrastructures" management in the region

10- Adjusting natural gas pricing system

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