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Green Iran Campaign; 95% of gas coverage in the country of Iran

Although Iran faced a reduction and lack of access to oil revenues in the face of sanctions, it was able to overcome these conditions as safely as possible by increasing exports of petroleum products and currency appreciation, which was made possible by the development of gas supply in the country.

In fact, the development of gas supply with an investment of 40,000 billion tomans led to the connection of more than 95% of the country"s population to the gas network. Meanwhile, the National Iranian Gas Company, relying on a 2.5-fold increase in gas extraction from the South Pars gas field and a series of measures taken to develop the natural gas transmission and distribution network, succeeded in removing about 35,000 villages from natural gas. In this way, the coverage of gas supply in the whole country has already exceeded 95%.

This figure shows that 95.1% of the country is directly covered by gas supply, which is a unique statistic not in the country but in the world. The value of this statistic is that the life of the gas industry in Iran is very short. In fact, the gas industry can be considered the fruit of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1978, which began a new growth with the slogan of creating justice.

This effort paid off and the accelerated process of gas supply during these years, went its way safely, and accordingly, about 35,000 villages and 1173 cities have gas so far, and accordingly, now 98.4% of the urban population and 84.6% rural population and in total, more than 95% of the total population of the country have benefited from natural gas.

Since about 75% of the country"s gas consumption is supplied from South Pars, the expansion of gas transmission capacity prevented the gas from being trapped in this joint field, and Iran was able to extract more gas than Qatar. This capacity also provided sustainable production from this joint field. This meant that although 95% of the country"s population is now covered by the gas network and the main goals for the development of this industry have been achieved, the gas supply revolution will continue, especially in the rural sector of the country. Also, during this period, 4,664 industrial units have been or will be supplied with gas.


Hasan Montazer Torbati

Managing Director of National Iranian Gas Company






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  • 01/09/2021 - 09:09
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