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Natural gas accessibility in Iran hits 95%: President

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the opening ceremony of the Ministry of Petroleums national projects through a videoconference in Tehran on June 24, 2021, said 95.1 percent of the countrys population is covered by the gas supply network which is a unique figure at international level.

The President praised the connection of 21 cities and more than 2,800 villages across the country to the gas supply network and said, "Today, we have reached 95% gas supply in the country, which is a unique figure in the world.

According to the report of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), Dr Hassan Rouhani officially inaugurated gas supply projects to 21 cities, 2,809 villages, 4,664 industrial units across the country, 4 units of gas pressure boosting facilities in provinces of Khuzestan and Fars.

Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "For the time being, almost 100% of the urban population and 85% of rural households have access to natural gas in Iran".

Dr Hassan Rouhani added, "We are proud that today, gas supply has almost finished in the country".


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