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Managing Director of National Iranian Gas Company:

Implementation of Optimization Goals; A Solution for the Future of Gas Trade

At a glance at the type of gas consumption in the country, we can conclude that if we put the optimization of clean energy consumption at the forefront of our work, over the next two decades, we have created about $ 350 billion in wealth for the country.

According to the report of the public relations of the NIGC, Hassan Montazer Torbati, Deputy Minister of Oil and Managing Director of NIGC, In the specialized meeting "Horizons facing the gas industry with an approach; "Trade, Value Creation and Gas Consumption", stated the following: With this trend, if by 1420 (2041) the consumption in our power plant sector reaches 205 and in the domestic sector about 175 billion cubic meters, 380 billion cubic meters per year will be spent only on the home-commercial sector and major industries.

He continued: These conditions show that if we move forward with such a plan, the balance of gas production (with consumption) will not work.

Referring that the principle of optimization should be in both home and power plants, Torbati said: Consumption statistics show that we must now take measures such as optimization, increase performance, ... in our agenda to for example, in the domestic sector, our consumption will receive from 175 billion cubic meters to 105 billion cubic meters, and in the power sector, from 205 billion cubic meters to 100 billion cubic meters.

He added: In this case, a total of 205 billion cubic meters will be spent on optimizing and increasing fuel efficiency in the domestic and power sectors for the next 20 years, which is equivalent to our one-year production from South Pars, which is 200 billion cubic meters, if we can create value for it.

The Deputy Minister of Petroleum in Gas sector stated: With this account, our production from the current year, which is about 290 billion cubic meters, will reach about 450 to 500 billion cubic meters in 2041, and from next year, if there is no plan to replace reservoirs, we will see a decrease in production.

At the end, the CEO of the National Iranian Gas Company emphasized: Optimization is a cross-sectoral issue and does not come together in one section. About gas, all revenues and products were fixed in the Ministry of Oil and its Management, but Optimization is not a matter for a ministry, and regulators need to write rules and regulations from outside and across the country.





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