Iranian Gas Engineering amp; Development Co.
Sunday, Jul 05, 2009

Full Name





Kavianpoor Mohammad Sadegh

Executor of IGAT 4 & eight project




Payoon Hasan

Executor of province pipeline project




Shabanpoor AliAkbar

Executor of IGAT 5 & 6




Taheri Manoochehr

Executor of Bidboland II refinery




Akhawan Mohammad

Executor of gas transmission pipeline project




Merati Ali Akbar

Executor of compressor station




Rahim Zadeh Mohsen

Executor of parsian gas refinery project



Keivani Gholam Reza

Executor of construction and basic instalations




Bahr Peiman

Executor of Sarkhoon & Gheshm gas refinery project



Executor of Dispatching project




Sahba Golam Reza

Executor of (IGAT)s project





Executor of IGAT (7) project



Jan Saryan

Ilam refinery project (phase II)


Saturday, Jun 06, 2009

Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company is a subsidiary of the National Iranian Gas Company which has been established according to executive system of oil industry plans and can be active in the following fields :

A) Implementing economic and feasibility studies on projects that are undertaken by the company ;

B) Implementing basic and detailed engineering operations and all undertaken plans ;

C) Design , supervision and implementation of all engineering and construction operation including : construction and development of oil and gas production , collection and transfer systems , wellhead installations, refineries and dehydration facilities ; natural gas storage, transmission lines , gas basic grid and distribution network , compressor stations and stations for decompression of natural gas and CNG ; telecommunication systems , pump stations , construction and infrastructural projects as well as various marine structures and related installations inside and outside the country ;

D) Undertaking all operations related to logistics and procurement of needed goods from inside and outside the country ;

E) Undertaking all kinds of scientific , technical , financial , commercial and service activities needed to develop company operations .

This company has been established according to the executive system of oil industry plans and is responsible for execution of large scale plans of the National Iranian Gas Company .     


Iranian Gas Engineering & Development company

Managing Director

Gharibi Alireza



+98 21 88309407


+98 21 88847476



 Gas  Engineering & Development company,No 401,Next to Mofateh St,Talaghani Ave,Tehran,Iran


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